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GHV Return to Learn Plan for 2020-2021

GHV Return to Learn Plan for the 2020-2021 School Year

1. In-Person/Face-To-Face Instruction

GHV will start school on August 24 with full capacity of staff and students. This will
remain our plan unless we are directed differently between now and August 24.

     a. We will use a traditional classroom setting of arranging desks in rows with each
student sitting in the same desks daily. Consistent seating is easier for our PS-4
classrooms as they are in homeroom settings. For grades 5-12, each student will
sit in the same seat each period throughout the day (same seat in math, science,
English, etc.)
     b. All staff will be required to wear masks. This does not mean they will wear a
mask 100% of the time. It means they will wear a mask when within 6 feet of
students and staff. We will designate an area that will allow teachers to social
distance during instruction and not be required to wear a mask. However,
whenever a teacher maneuvers around the classroom, their mask will be
worn. Each staff member will bring their own mask, shield, or both to assure
each person has the mask they are comfortable with. The superintendent will
work with Department Heads on required masks in each area.
     c. Face covering for grade levels PS-3 will be parental discretion.
Masks will be highly recommended for grades 4-12. PS-3 classrooms will
have flexibility on the amount of time wearing face coverings based upon
guidance from Public Health.
     d. If a student in grades PS-4 tests positive for COVID, the guidance from Public
Health is to quarantine the entire homeroom, students, teacher, or any other staff
within that classroom, for 14 days. This doesn’t mean losing 14 days of core
instruction. The teacher will provide distance learning from home to the entire
homeroom during the quarantine time frame.
     e. If a 5-12 student tests positive, it is the guidance of Public Health to quarantine
the students sitting in front, behind, and on both sides of the student who tested
positive. Distance learning will be provided from home to these students during
their quarantined period, while the remaining students continue attending school
in person.

2. Hybrid Plan

If we have a number of positive tests and we are recommended to limit the number of
students in buildings, we will go to a hybrid model where 50% of students will attend
face-to-face and the other 50% are receiving required distance learning.

The guidance by the Governor and the Iowa Department of Public Health states that if
Hancock County has a 15-20% positive test rating over a two-week period of time and a
10% absenteeism from students receiving in-person learning, GHV may begin the hybrid
model described above following the guidelines of Public Health.

For example, if your last name starts with A-L, you will attend face-to-face on Monday
and Tuesday. All students will participate in required distance learning from home on
Wednesdays, while our buildings are being disinfected. Students will receive distance
learning but may also set up meetings with teachers for questions or assistance. (On
Wednesdays, teachers will be in their classrooms and available to provide assistance to
students and families.) If your last name starts with M-Z, you will receive face-to-face
learning on Thursday and Friday while the others are receiving required distance
learning. Administration will work with families whose children fall into different
alphabetical days.

3. Continuous Remote Learning Plan

If we have so many positive cases and we need to close a building or buildings, we will
plan for required distance learning for all grades.

Guidance by the Governor and Iowa Department of Public Health states that if Hancock
County has a 20% or higher positivity rate over a two-week period, we would work with
local and state governments to discuss temporarily closing our buildings for 14 days and
then re-evaluate the testing results of Hancock County to determine plans moving
forward. Only the Iowa Department of Education and Public Health can make the
determination and provide temporary authorization to move to 100% online or remote

Our 5-12 students already have a ChromeBook, and we have ordered ChromeBooks for
each PS-4 student. The first week of school will be critical for them to learn how to
operate this device. We have purchased enough hot spots to assure all families will have
internet access.

Staff will communicate expectations very clearly with students and parents.
Please see Appendix A (or use the following link) regarding Iowa Department of
Education and Iowa Public Health guidance on hybrid plans and continuous remote
learning plans: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1U__zUA2Sk7nLf2ZiIBSCx62QGS9EWDVB/vie

4. Parent Choice

If parents are not comfortable sending their children to school, they have the option to
request 100% distance learning from home. Under this scenario, students would have
access to teachers, curriculum, assignments, tests, and a school computer. School meals
are also an option for these students. Our Food Service Director will have a plan for
families ordering meals and providing a grab and go meal for students at home.

If you are interested in this distance learning option, please contact Holly Fischer in the
District Office by Monday, August 17, for planning purposes. Families who are choosing
to receive 100% distance learning for COVID reasons would not be allowed on school
campuses. This would mean if you wish to receive 100% distance learning from home,
you could not attend or participate in extracurricular activities. If you are receiving 100%
distance learning due to a disability or based upon a doctor’s recommendation, the law
allows for extracurricular activities.

Should parents wish to return to the regular face-to-face instruction within our buildings,
it will require a meeting with the building principal and superintendent. If the students
return to the classroom, it would be a permanent move to prevent going back and forth
among face-to-face and distance learning from home.

Holly can be reached at [email protected]
The District Office phone number is 641-923-2718

Other Areas of Interest

Social Distancing
While in school, GHV will do our best to keep our students 6 feet apart. The biggest
issue is when students are physically in classes. It is not likely we will be able to provide
6' social distancing in a classroom setting. Our teachers and staff will be able to provide
social distancing throughout the day. The key for our staff is to not be within 6 feet of a
student for more than 15 minutes.

Face Coverings
GHV will follow the advice of the Hancock County Public Health and highly
recommend masks for grades 4-12. Face coverings in grades P-3 would be a parent

All staff at GHV will be required to wear masks when social distancing cannot be

The Board of Education did leave some masking discretion regarding specialized
courses, such as band and vocal. Wearing masks in areas such as these will be
decided between the teacher and building principal.

Transportation (Bus Routes)

When social distancing cannot be achieved, all passengers will be required to wear a
mask. Bus drivers will be required to wear a mask. All buses will be disinfected daily.

     a. Parents are asked to transport their children whenever possible during this
pandemic to alleviate overcrowding on the school buses.
     b. Parents are asked to screen their school children daily before they come to school
including temperature checks. Students who are exhibiting symptoms or are ill must be
kept at home and not enter the school buses or come to school. Any student or staff
member with a fever of 100.4 degrees or greater or symptoms of possible COVID-19
virus infection should not be present in school.
     c. All students on school buses shall have assigned seating. The seating shall be the
same every day. Seats will be assigned by cohort (same students sit together each day.)
The students must remain in their assigned seats throughout the trip.
     d. Buses will have tape marks that show students where to sit.
     e. If 6 foot distance cannot be maintained between students on our school buses,
face coverings must be worn at all times by all riders on all buses. This includes all extra
curricular trips. Drivers must also wear face coverings.
     f. Students unwilling to comply with these transportation rules cannot be provided
bus service.
     g. Drivers should be a minimum of six feet from students; the seat immediately
behind the driver must be left vacant.
     h. Adults who do not need to be on the bus must not be on the bus.
     i. Windows will be open if weather allows to maximize ventilation and air flow.

Health and Safety

     a. Buildings/Grounds: You will notice many changes within the school
buildings. Sanitizer will be heavily dispersed and available throughout our
buildings. Plexiglass shields will be installed in all office areas. Deposit boxes will be
installed outside the buildings to allow parents to drop off items without entering the
building. Consistent, thorough cleaning will occur.
     b. Student and Staff:
Parents will be asked to monitor the health of their children and only send healthy
students to school.

See Health and Safety Chart, Appendix B (or the link below) for specific guidance from
the Iowa Department of Education and Iowa Public Health
Link to Health and Safety chart: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bH51l_VEuGlZ2Urh0ApTGzjx3pLLQdhl/


Students receiving in-person instruction will receive a daily meal.
a. Grades K-1 will have lunch in the cafeteria.
b. Grades 2-12 will have lunch in classrooms.

Having meals in the classroom allows for students to remain in their same seats and
around the same people as their typical classroom. Meals will be served using disposable
containers and flatware. Students will still be allowed to bring their own lunch. Students
will likely be asked to commit to a lunch count in the morning to assist the lunch program

All visitors will be required to wear a mask for the duration of their stay.

We know many things will change, and we will keep you updated along the way. Please
make sure we have accurate phone numbers and email addresses in JMC so this
information can get to you.

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