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ChromeBooks Over the Summer (Gr 5-11)

Please note there is a change in our 1:1 ChromeBook policy. In past years, student ChromeBooks were collected during the last week of school and reissued at the start of the next school year.
Beginning this year, GHV students currently in grades 5-11 will retain their ChromeBooks over the summer. Students are asked to bring their device back to school on the first day of school, just as they would other school supplies.
There are several benefits to this new policy:
1) Students have access to their device on every school day of the year.
2) Students have access to their device over summer for continued learning.
3) Devices (if powered on) will continue to update over the summer.
Items to note:
1) If a student is not returning to GHV in the fall, please notify the school and make plans to return the device.
2) Please inspect your child's ChromeBook and charger and report any concerns, such as a frayed power cord to [email protected] ChromeBooks should remain in their carrying case.
3) If technical assistance is required over the summer, please email [email protected]
4) Parents will be required to complete the 2021-2022 JMC registration questions to agree to GHV's Acceptable Use Policy for technology and internet and for agreement to the GHV loan policy for 1:1 ChromeBook devices.
5) Parents may choose to have GHV store their child's ChromeBook over the summer. Please email [email protected] to make this request.
We welcome any questions you may have and appreciate the opportunity to partner with you in your child's education. Questions can be directed to Brenda Haag, GHV Technology Director at [email protected].

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