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Chromebook 1:1 Program
GHV High School has a ChromeBook 1:1 program. Each 9th-12th grade student will receive a ChromeBook to extend and enhance his/her education both at school and home during the 2018-2019 school year. Our goal is for students to learn that while devices (such as computers, tablets, and cell phones) can be used for communication and entertainment, they can also open doors to inspire, create, grow, explore, and learn.
Chromebook FAQs 
What is a ChromeBook?
When will students receive their ChromeBooks?
Students will receive ChromeBooks on the first day of school.
What is a ChromeBook?
A Chromebook is a laptop computer that is designed to access the internet using a Chrome browser. The majority of files and programs are stored on the web, rather than on the device itself.
What is the cost for a student if the ChromeBook is damaged or lost?
First negligence incident: $100 fee
Second negligence incident: $200 fee
Third negligence incident or lost Chromebook: $350 fee (replacement cost)
For more information, please see the loan agreement form.
What type of bag or case is needed?
The school will provide a bag, and other school supplies should not be carried in the school ChromeBook bag.
How long will a ChromeBook hold a charge?
Students should charge ChromeBooks each night and leave chargers at home. Fully charged ChromeBooks will hold a charge throughout the school day.
Can students print from ChromeBooks at home or school?
GHV High School is committed to working paperless as much as possible. Students may e-mail or share via Google drive those files they wish to print so that a teacher or parent may print for them. In addition, a computer with printer access is available in the media center. Students enrolled in certain English classes may have the capability to print directly from his or her ChromeBook to the English department printer. ChromeBooks will not be set up to print at home.
Can a student use his/her own personal computer at school instead of the school-issued ChromeBook?
No. At school students will be required to use the school-issued device. This will have the settings and WiFi access needed by the student while at school. The student's personal computer may be used at home, of course. 
Can students change the outward appearance of their ChromeBook? (Adding decals, etc.)
Only decals offered by GHV School may be added to a ChromeBook.
How do I clean a ChromeBook?
Please see ChromeBook Care on the right side of this web page.
Tech Tips
To use CAPS Lock - press alt and search (magnifying glass) keys
To take a full SCREENSHOT
To take a partial SCREENSHOT
ChromeBook Forms
ChromeBook Care
For More Information Contact
Brenda Haag
GHV District Technology Director
Mindy Scott
GHV District Technology Assistant
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